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ACCEPT - Metal Blast From The Past (Oficial)
AC/DC - Family Jewels (Oficial - Duplo)
AC/DC - Highway to Hell (Oficial)
AC/DC - Let There Be Rock 1990 (Oficial)
AC/DC - Live at Donington (Oficial)
AC/DC - BackTracks: Family Jewels Disc 3 (Oficial)
AC/DC - Live at The Circus Krone (Oficial)
AC/DC - Plug Me In (Oficial-Duplo)
AC/DC Live at River Plate (Oficial)
AC/DC - Iron Man 2 (Oficial)
ALICE COOPER - The Strange Case Of Alice Cooper (Oficial)
ALICE COOPER - Welcome To My Nightmare (Oficial)
ALICE COOPER - Prime Cuts (Oficial)
ALICE COOPER - Brutally Live (Oficial)
ALICE COOPER & T. REX - Special Edition Ep (Oficial)
ANGRA - Angels Cry Tour 2013 (Oficial)
ANTHRAX - Alive 2: 2005 (Oficial)
APOCALYPTICA - The Life Burns Tour 2006 (Oficial)
ARCH ENEMY - Live Apocalypse (Oficial - Duplo)
ARMORED SAINT - A Trip Thru Red Times (Oficial)
AVANTASIA - The Flying Opera (Oficial-Duplo)
AVENGED SEVENFOLD - Live in LBC (Oficial-DVDRip sem menus originais)
AXEL RUDI PELL - Knight Treasures (Oficial - Duplo)


BAD RELIGION - The Riot (Oficial)
BARÃO VERMELHO - Rock in Rio I (Oficial)
BARÃO VERMELHO - MTV Collection 1991-2005 (Oficial)
BEHEMOTH - The Art Of Rebellion (Oficial)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Boozed Broozed And Broken Boned (Oficial)
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Under A Violet Moon (Oficial)
BLACK SABBATH - Never Say Die (Oficial)
BLACK SABBATH - The Last Supper (Oficial)
BLACK SABBATH - The Story Volume 1 (Oficial)
BLACK SABBATH - The Story Volume 2 (Oficial)
BLACK SABBATH - The Dio Years VH1 "Sem Legenda" (Oficial)
BLACK SABBATH AND BLUE OYSTER CULT - Black and Blue (1980) (Oficial)
BLACK SABBATH - Live... Gathered in the Masses (Oficial - Duplo)
BLIND GUARDIAN - Imaginations Through The Looking Glass (Oficial)
BLUES ETÍLICOS - Bolshoi Pub 2009 (Oficial)
BONFIRE - Double Vision (Oficial)
BONFIRE - Golden Bullets (Oficial)
BRYAN ADAMS - Live At Slane Castle 2000 (Oficial)


CAMISA DE VÊNUS - Ao Vivo Festival de Verão de Salvador (Oficial)
CANNIBAL CORPSE - Centuries of Torment (Oficial-Triplo)
CASSIA ELLER - Rock In Rio III (Oficial)
CAZUZA - Ao Vivo na Praia de Copacabana 2004 Tributo (Oficial)
CHARIOT - Sweating Blood "Live At The Marquee 1986" (Oficial)
CHILDREN OF BODON - Trashed, Lost & Strung Out (Oficial)
CINDERELLA - In Concert (Oficial)
CINDERELLA - Rocked Wired & Bluesed: The Greatest Hits Video (Oficial)
CRADLE OF FILTH - Heavy Left, Handed & Candid (Oficial)
CREAM - Farewell Concert Royal Albert Hall (Oficial)

CCR - The Very Best Of (Oficial)
CCR - Revisited - Live And Rare (Oficial)


DEATH - Live in Eindhoven (Oficial)
DECAPITATED - Human Dust (Oficial)
DEEP PURPLE - Live At Montreux 2006 (Oficial)
DEEP PURPLE - Machine Head Live 1972 (Oficial)
DEEP PURPLE - Phoenix Rising (Oficial)
DEPECHE MODE - 101 (Oficial)

DESTRUCTION - A Savage Symphony (Oficial)

DESTRUCTION - Live Discharge (Oficial)
DIAMOND HEAD - To The Devil Hus Due (Oficial)

DIO - Holy Diver Live (Oficial)
DIO - We Rock (Oficial)
DIO - Sacred Heart (Oficial)
DIO - Evil Or Divine (Oficial)

DOKKEN - Unchain The Night (Oficial)
DOKKEN - One Night Live (Oficial)
DOKKEN - Live From The Sun (Oficial)
DORO PESCH - 20 Years, A Warrior Soul (Oficial - Duplo)
DORO PESCH - Classic Diamonds (Oficial)
DORO PESCH - Fur Immer (Apenas dico 1) (Oficial)
DR. SIN - 10 Anos Ao Vivo (Oficial)
DREAM THATER - Live at Budokan (Oficial - Duplo)


ELVIS PRESLEY - 68 Comeback (Oficial)
EMPEROR - A Night Of Emperial Wrath (Oficial)
EXODUS - Live At DNA (Oficial - Duplo)
EXTREME - Take Us Alive - Boston 2009 (Oficial)
EXXÓTICA - Ao Vivo, ao Moro e a Cores (Oficial - Duplo)


FAITH NO MORE - Who Care a Lot? The Greatest Videos (Oficial)
FAITH NO MORE - Brixton Academy 1990 (Oficial)
FAIR WARNING - The Call Of The East Japan (Oficial)
FIGHT - War Of Words (Oficial)
FIREHOUSE - Rock on the Road (Sem menus originais) (Oficial)
FOREIGNER - Sound Stage Live (Oficial)
FOREIGNER - Live in Chicago 2011 (Oficial)
FRANZ FERDINAND - You Could Have It So Better DVD Bônus (Oficial)


GALLHAMMER - Ruin Of A Church (Oficial)
GAMMA RAY - Heading For The East (Oficial)
GET TRASHED - The Story Of Thrash Metal (Oficial)
GIRLSCHOOL - Live From London (Oficial)
GORGOROTH - Black Mass Krakow (Oficial)
GOTTHARD - More Than Live (Oficial - DVDRip)
GOTTHARD - Made In Switzerland (Oficial)
GRAVE DIGGER - 25 To Live (Oficial)
GRAVE DIGGER - The Clans Are Still Marching (oficial)


HAMMERFALL - Hearts on Fire (Oficial)
HEAVEN & HELL - Live Radio Cuty Music Hall 2007 (Oficial)
HEAVEN & HELL - The Devil You Know CD + DVD (Oficial-Duplo)
HEAVY METAL - Best Collection (Oficial)
HELLOWEEN - Live on 3 Continents (Oficial-Duplo)


INCOGNITO - Live At Java Jazz Festival (Oficial)

INXS - Live Baby Live (Oficial)

IRON MAIDEN - Donington Live 1992 (Oficial-Duplo)
IRON MAIDEN - Rock in Rio III (Oficial - Duplo)
IRON MAIDEN - Flight 666 (Oficial-Duplo)
IRON MAIDEN - Raising Hell (Oficial)
IRON MAIDEN - En Vivo! (Oficial-Duplo) C/ Legendas em Português no Documentário


JACK JOHNSON - Live in Japan And Friends (Oficial-Duplo)

JANIS JOPLIN - The Way She Was A Film (Oficial)
JEFF SCOTT SOTO - JSS Live At The Gods 2002 (Oficial)
JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Queen Convention 2003 (Oficial)
JEFF SCOTT SOTO - One Night in Madrid (Oficial)
JOAN JETT - 2001 Live! (Oficial)
JOHN LENNON - Video Collecttion (Menu simples) (Oficial)
JOURNEY - Revelation (Oficial)
JUDAS PRIEST - Live in London (Oficial)
JUDAS PRIEST - Rising In The East Live At Budokan (Oficial)
JUDAS PRIEST - 1982 Screaming For Vengeance Tour Live in Menphis (Oficial)
JUDAS PRIEST - Electry Eye (Oficial)

JUDAS PRIST - Epitaph (Oficial)

KAMELOT - One Cold Winter's Night (Oficial) (Apenas DVD 1)
KISS - Symphony (Oficial - Duplo)
KISS - Animalize Live Uncensored (Oficial)
KISS - Exposed (Oficial)
KISS - Lost Concert 1976 (Oficial)

KISS - Rock The Nation (Oficial-Duplo)
KREATOR - Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory (Oficial)
KREATOR - At The Pulse Of Kapitulation (Oficial)
KREATOR - Phantom Antichrist (Oficial - Bonus DVD)
KRISIUM - Live Armagedom (Oficial)


L.A. GUNS - The Hollywood Yars Live & Loaded (Oficial)
LAMB OF GOD - Terror And Hubris (Oficial)
LAMB OF GOD - Walk With Me In Hell (Oficial-Duplo)
LAMB OF GOD - Killadelphia (Oficial)
LEAVE'S EYES - En Saga I Belgia (Oficial)
LED ZEPELLIN - The Song Remains The Same (Oficial)
LITA FORD - The Complete Video Collection (Oficial)
LIZZY BORDEN - Murderess Metal Road Show (Oficial)

LOBÃO - Lino, Sexy & Brutal (Oficial)

MAGO DE OZ - Madrid Las Ventas (Autorado) (Oficial)
MAGO DE OZ - A Costa do Rock (Oficial-Duplo)
MANOWAR - Magic Circle Fest 2008 (Oficial-Duplo)

MANOWAR - The Absolut Power (Oficial-Duplo)MARDUK - Funeral Marches And Warsongs (Oficial)
MARILYN MANSON - Guns, Gods And Government World Tour (Oficial)

MAROON 5 - Friday The 13th Live (Oficial)
MASTODON - The Workhorse Chronicles (Oficial)
MASTODON - Blood Mountain (Oficial-DVD Bônus)
MASTODON - Live at the Aragon (2011) (Oficial)

MATANZA - Ao Vivo No Hangar 110 (Oficial)
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Live (Oficial)
METALLICA – All Nightmare Long 2008 (Oficial Bônus DVD)
METALLICA - S&M (Oficial - Duplo)
METALLICA - The Videos "Clip" 1989-2004 (Oficial)
METALLICA - Live Shit, Binge & Purge (Oficial-Duplo)
METALLICA - Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria (Oficial-Duplo)
MICHAEL JACKSON - Number Ones (Oficial)
MICHAEL JACKSON - This is It (Oficial)

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Rock Will Never Die "Sem Menu" (Oficial)
MONSTERS OF METAL - Video Colection Vol. 2 (Oficial-Duplo)
MOSCOW MUSIC PEACE FESTIVAL - Various Artists (Oficial-4 DVD's)

MOTLEY CRUE - VH1 Behind The Music (Oficial)

MOTLEY CRUE - Carnival of Sins (Oficial)

MOTLEY CRUE - Lewd, Crued & Tattooed 2000 (Oficial)
MOTLEY CRUE - Crue Fest 1 (Oficial)
MOTORHEAD - 25 & Alive Boneshaker (Oficial)
MOTORHEAD - Stage Fright (Oficial)
MOTORHEAD - The Best of (Oficial)
MOTORHEAD - The Birthday Party (Oficial)

MOTORHEAD - Lemmy O Filme (Oficial Legendado PT-BR)
MR. BIG - Live (San Francisco 1992) (Oficial)
MR. BIG - Big, Bigger, Biggest! The Best Of Mr. Big (Oficial)


NAZARETH - Live in Brazil (Oficial)
NIGHTWISH - Bye Bye Beautiful "DVD Bonus 2008" (Oficial)
NIGHTWISH – End Of Era (Oficial)

NIGHTWISH - Showtime, Storytime (Oficial - Duplo)
NUCLEAR ASSALT - Louder Harder Faster (Oficial)


OBITUARY - Frozen Alive (Oficial)
OLD SKOOL OF ROCK - Clips Various Artists: Motley Crue/Scorpions/L.A. Guns... (Oficial)
OZZFEST - 10º aniversario (Oficial)
OZZY OSBOURNE - Live & Loud (Oficial - Duplo)
OZZY OSBOURNE - Trick or Treat Rockthology (Oficial)
OZZY OSBOURNE - Filme Trick or Treat (Oficial)
OZZY OSBOURNE - Speak of the Devil (Oficial)
OZZY OSBOURNE - Randy Rhoads "Six String God" (Oficial)
OZZY OSBOURNE - The Ultimate Ozzy (Oficial)


PANTERA – Reinventing Hell The Best Of (Oficial)
PANTERA - Vulgar Videos (Oficial)
PAUL DIANNO – The Best In The East (Oficial)
PAUL STANLEY - One Live Kiss (Oficial)
PEARL JAM - Touring Tour 2000 (Oficial)
PENDRAGON - Live At Last and More (Oficial)
PINK FLOYD - P.U.L.S.E. (Oficial - Duplo)
PRIMAL FEAR - The History Of Fear (Oficial)


QUEEN - We Will Rock You (Oficial)
QUEEN - Freddie Mercury Tribute 1992 (Oficial-Duplo)
QUEENSRYCHE - Live Evolution 2001 (Oficial)
QUIET RIOT - Live! in the 21st Century (Oficial)
QUIET RIOT - Bang Thy Head (Oficial)

QUIET RIOT - Live in Japan 1989 (Oficial)

RAGE - Lingua Mortis Orquestra (Oficial)
RAINBOW - Live in Munich 1977 (Oficial)
RAMONES - Greatest Video HIts Live (Oficial)
RATOS DE PORÃO - Ao Vivo Blen Blen 1995 (Oficial)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Visions From The Enchanted Lands (Oficial - Duplo)
RITMO ALUCINANTE - Hollywood Rock 1975 (Filme)
ROBERT PLANT - Nine Lives (Oficial)
ROCK HARD - Live Mania "Various Artists" (Oficial)
ROCK IN RIO III - Various (Oficial)

ROCK OF AGES - Filme (Oficial)
ROGER WATERS –The Wall Live Berlin (Oficial)
ROLLING STONES - Terrifyng (Oficial)
ROLLING STONES - The Biggest Band (Oficial - Duplo c/ conteúdo dos 4 DVD's)
ROLLING STONES - The Biggest Band (Oficial - Quádruplo)
ROLLING STONES - Stones In The Park (Oficial)
ROLLING STONES - Shine A Light (Oficial)
RUNNING WILD - Live 2002: Live At Halle Gartlage (Oficial)
RUSH - Rush in Rio (Oficial-Duplo)
RUSH - Chronicles (Oficial)
RUSH - Time Machine (Oficial)


SANTANA - Live At Montreaux 2004 (Oficial-Duplo)SCORPIONS - Moment Of Glory (Oficial)
SCORPIONS - Live in 3D (Oficial - BDRip)

SCORPIONS - Live Wacken Open Air 2006 (Oficial)

SEBASTIAN BACH - Apocalipse Now (Oficial)
SEPULTURA - Chaos DVD (Oficial)
SLADE - The Very Best Of (Oficial)
SLAYER - Reign in Blood Live: Still Reigning (Oficial)
SHAMAN - RituAlive (Oficial)
SKID ROW - Oh Say Can You Scream (Oficial)
SLAYER - War At The Warfield (Oficial)
SLAYER - Live Intrusion (Oficial)
SODOM - Lords Of Depravity Part 1 (Oficial)
SONATA ARCTICA - For The Sake Of Revenge (Oficial)
SOUNDGARDEN - Motorvision (Oficial-convertido do VHS Original)
STEVE VAI - Visual Sound Theories With Metropole Orchestra (Oficial)
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Thank You (Oficial)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Live at Olympic Auditorium (sem menus originais-Oficial)


TAROT - Undead Indeed (Oficial)
TESTAMENT - Live in London (Oficial)
THE BEATLES - Help! (Oficial)
THE BEATLES - Miny Documentary (Oficial)
THE BEATLES - Five Nights in Judo Arena (Oficial VHS Rip)
THE CRANBERRIES - The Bes Of Videos 1992-2002 (Oficial)

THE CURE - Show (Oficial VHS Rip)THE DOORS - Collection Dance On Fire / Hollywood Bowl / Soft Parade (Oficial)
THE DOORS - O Filme (Menu Feito por mim)
THE DOORS - No One Here Gets Out Alive (Oficial)
THE DOORS - Soundstage Performances (Oficial)
THE DOORS - Live in Europe 1968 (Oficial)
THE IRON MAIDENS - Route 666 (Oficial)
THE POODLES - In the Flesh (Oficial)
THE RUNAWAYS - Filme (Oficial)
THE WHO - The Best Of (Oficial)
THERION - Live Gothic (Oficial)
THIN LIZZY - Live At Rockpalast 1981 (Oficial)
THIN LIZZY - Live And Dangerous (Oficial)
THIN LIZZY - Thunder And Lightning Tour (Oficial)

THIN LIZZY - The Boys Are Back in Town (Oficial)

TINA TURNER - Live in Rio 1988 (Oficial)
TOKYO BLADE - Live in London (Oficial)
TRIBUZY - Execution Live (Oficial)
TUATHA DE DANANN - Acoustic Live (Oficial)
TWISTED SISTER - Live At Astoria (Oficial)
TWISTED SYSTER - Live At Wacken (Oficial)
TWISTED SYSTER - The Video Years (Oficial)
TWISTED SYSTER - Double Live (Oficial-Duplo)


U2 – 18 Videos (Oficial)
U2 – Rattle and Hum (Oficial)
UDO – Nailed To Metal (Oficial)
UFO - The MisdemanourTour (Oficial)
UFO - Showtime (Oficial - DVD 1)


VANILLA NINJA - Traces Of Sadness (Oficial)
VAN HALEN - Live in Toronto 1985 (Oficial)
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Music For Montserrat (Oficial)
VELHAS VIRGENS - Do Arco da Velha 1986 - 2006 (Oficial)
VENON - Hell At Hammersmith London 1985 (Oficial)
VIPER - Living For The Night (Oficial)
VISION DIVINE - Stage of Consciousness (Oficial)


XANDRIA - Now & Forever (Oficial)


WACKEN OPEN AIR - Metal Overdrive (Ofícial)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 1999 (Ofícial)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2003 (Ofícial-Duplo)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2004 (Ofícial-Duplo)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2005 (Ofícial-Duplo)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2006 (Ofícial)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2007 (Ofícial)

WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2007 (Ofícial-Duplo)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2008 (Ofícial-Duplo)
WACKEN OPEN AIR - Wacken 2009 (Ofícial-Triplo)
WARLOCK & DORO PESCH - Live Legends of Rock (Oficial)
WASP - The Sting Live at the Key Club.L.A. (Oficial)
WASP - First Blood, Last Visions (Oficial)
WHITE LION - Live At The Ritz 1988 (Oficial)
WHITESNAKE - Live in Still of the Night (Oficial)
WHITESNAKE - Strakers in Tokyo (Oficial)

WHITESNAKE - Made in Japan 2013 (Oficial)WHITE LION - The Melodic Concert (Oficial)
WHITE STRIPES - Live Summer 2007 (Oficial)
WHITE STRIPES - Under Blackpool Lights (Oficial)
WHITIN TEMPTATION - Black Symphony (Oficial-Duplo)
WINGER - Live 2007! (Oficial)
WOODSTOCK – 3 Days Of The Peace And Music (Oficial - Duplo)


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Concerto Suite For Eletric Guitar & Orchestra (Oficial)


ZUMBIS DO ESPAÇO - Muito Além do Inferno (Oficial)
ZZ TOP - Live From Texas (Oficial)

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